Our Story

OotzaWootzaOotza Wootza was originally conceived as a children's online store by founder Lori Myers. Lori's ideas, concepts and love of all things fashion, especially for young children, form the framework of Ootza Wootza. It was her inspiration to seek out and find unique clothing and essential items of highest quality. Ootza Wootza has a broad collection of specialty items of clothing, gear, accessories and other children's essentials personally selected and proven to provide great value for the money. Ootza Wootza represents large major lines, semi-custom vendors as well as individual items that are hand crafted by skilled artisans.  

The origin of our name is very special to us. Lori, a sleep deprived mom, would sing a little song with the words "Ootza Wootza" in it to soothe her son when he had colic. Fast forward to today, and Ootza Wootza is now more than just baby talk.

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