Mini Melissa Mania May 23, 2017

mini melissa pink jelly sandals ootza wootza

Mini Melissa Pink Jelly Sandals - Photo by @everydaywithember

Have you seen them? They are all the rage. Just open your favorite fashion mag and you will see a celebrity's child showing off their Mini Melissas. We are not surprised. Minis are adorable!! But I must admit, ever since we ordered our first shipment, there have been some burning questions in the back of my head. For instance, the material they are made of....plastic? Is it safe?? And that intoxicating scent wafting from each that safe? And when your Mini Melissas are no longer wearable, will they be staring up from a landfill for the next millennium? Fans, I am thrilled and quite relieved to share, that the makers of these adorable shoes made them to be earth friendly, comfortable, fun and safe!

Mrs. Pots Mini Melissa Sandals - Photo by @theamayagirls

Mini Melissa and Mel, both little sister brands of Melissa, are produced in Grenadine, Brazil, where they have been designing and developing high-end plastic footwear for over 40 years. Here Minis are made of an exclusive composition called MelFlex. This material is a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic compound that has improved elasticity and resistance. Mini Melissa and Mel shoes are completely VEGAN and 100% recyclable. They are free of any dangerous chemicals, keeping your little one and their little tootsies safe!

Edgy Boutique Sandal by Jason Wu & Mini Melissa

Comfort is also key when examining your Minis or Mels. Each shoe has a special lining that protects little feet from blisters. The insoles are specially made of canvas and PVC to wick away moisture and keep sweaty feet at bay! They also feature a memory foam insole that makes walking a cushy dream.

And that candylicious smell? Each pair of Melissas are infused with their patented bubblegum scent during production. Bubblegum... now that brings back some childhood memories! So feel free to lose yourself in the fashion fun captured in each pair of Melissa shoes! You can do so, fret free, knowing that over 40 years of expertise has gone into making each pair fun, fashionable and safe for your little one.

mini melissa ultra girl VIII

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl VIII