Two Words That Can Strike Fear in Any Parent February 18, 2016

POTTY TRAINING. It's a tough, messy job for all concerned. I know, we are in the midst of potty training our youngest daughter. Can't complain, she is a more than a willing participant. She loves to announce everywhere and anywhere that she has to go potty, especially when the only choice is a public restroom. What is it in there that is so intriging to a toddler? It only strikes fear in me, a feeling I share with many parents. It's a nightmare to navigate a public restroom with a little one! That's why we were so excited to find a new product by Tottigo called the Pack 'n Potty. Seriously, the best idea since sliced bread! And no wonder, it was conceived out of necessity by a North Carolina mom who found taking her young son to the restroom a worrisome task.  

With the Pack 'n Potty, you can completely cover all areas of the toilet within the reach of your child. And when the job is done, it is easily packed up without touching anything that has come in contact with the pot!  Simply amazing. Cleverly converts to a stylish backpack that can even be monogramed.  Easy to clean. I keep mine in my car ready and waiting. Tottigo's Pack 'n Potty makes potty time away from home an easy task. And I'm all for that!