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RECIPE / Firecracker Ice Pops June 28, 2017

It's summer and that means plenty of hot temperatures, pool parties and popsicles! We are gearing up for the 4th of July holiday and have the best patriotic treat to keep you cool. Firecracker Ice Pops! They are easy to make and take less than 30 minutes (longer to freeze). Perfect for little hands to help.

We also have an amazing collection of red, white and blue outfits for your little ones! Shop our American Holiday Collection today! 

YIELDS: 6 pops
TIME: 20 minutes to make / 8+ hours to freeze

1 1/2 cups of fresh strawberries
1 1/4 cups of low-fat vanilla yogurt (we used Stoneyfield)

1 1/2 cup of blueberries
1/4 cup sugar
1 skewer 
Popsicle Mold (We used Zoku)


1. Puree strawberries and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a food processor and set aside.
2. Puree blueberries and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a food processor and set aside.
3. Whisk together yogurt and 2 tablespoons of sugar and set aside.

4. Pour mixtures in 3-ounce popsicle molds, alternating each ingredient (3-5 layers).

5. Place the skewer in each mold and dip it up and down a down a few times. 
6. Place the popsicle molds in the freezer to harden. Should take approx. 8 hours.


Mini Melissa Mania May 23, 2017

mini melissa pink jelly sandals ootza wootza

Mini Melissa Pink Jelly Sandals - Photo by @everydaywithember

Have you seen them? They are all the rage. Just open your favorite fashion mag and you will see a celebrity's child showing off their Mini Melissas. We are not surprised. Minis are adorable!! But I must admit, ever since we ordered our first shipment, there have been some burning questions in the back of my head. For instance, the material they are made of....plastic? Is it safe?? And that intoxicating scent wafting from each that safe? And when your Mini Melissas are no longer wearable, will they be staring up from a landfill for the next millennium? Fans, I am thrilled and quite relieved to share, that the makers of these adorable shoes made them to be earth friendly, comfortable, fun and safe!

Mrs. Pots Mini Melissa Sandals - Photo by @theamayagirls

Mini Melissa and Mel, both little sister brands of Melissa, are produced in Grenadine, Brazil, where they have been designing and developing high-end plastic footwear for over 40 years. Here Minis are made of an exclusive composition called MelFlex. This material is a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic compound that has improved elasticity and resistance. Mini Melissa and Mel shoes are completely VEGAN and 100% recyclable. They are free of any dangerous chemicals, keeping your little one and their little tootsies safe!

Edgy Boutique Sandal by Jason Wu & Mini Melissa

Comfort is also key when examining your Minis or Mels. Each shoe has a special lining that protects little feet from blisters. The insoles are specially made of canvas and PVC to wick away moisture and keep sweaty feet at bay! They also feature a memory foam insole that makes walking a cushy dream.

And that candylicious smell? Each pair of Melissas are infused with their patented bubblegum scent during production. Bubblegum... now that brings back some childhood memories! So feel free to lose yourself in the fashion fun captured in each pair of Melissa shoes! You can do so, fret free, knowing that over 40 years of expertise has gone into making each pair fun, fashionable and safe for your little one.

mini melissa ultra girl VIII

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl VIII




Weekend Links / 09 January 13, 2017

Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 has been good to you so far. We have been working extra hard on a little secret that we are about to share and on our new Spring collection! Stay tuned for some exciting news and for our new arrivals. The weekend is here and we have rounded up some links we think you will enjoy.

1. A Paper Chain of Kindness

We love this kindness activity. It promotes kind actions and makes children feel like they are doing something good for the world.

2. The Cutest Boy Shoes

Think Elephant & Badger.

3. How to Predict a Babies' First Words

What a toddler sees may play a role.

4. 13 Houseplants That Cleanse & Purify The Air

With winter upon us, it is a good idea to clean the inside air that we are breathing!

5. Portable Snack on the Go - For Moms & Kids

We are always on the go! Check out this list of healthy snacks to fuel up. Make snack time fun and use our Mark Mats! The perfect off-screen entertainment.

We hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Winter Activities for Kids (With or Without Snow) January 07, 2017

Winter has arrived all over the United States. We thought it would be a great idea to round up "snow inspired" activities for those families with or without snow. 

This is a cool science experiment for all ages. Snow is required.

Find it at the Growing a Jeweled Rose Blog

We love this activity to learn about symmetry.

Find it at the Buggy and Buddy Blog 

Make counting fun!

Find it at the Stir the Wonder Blog

No snow? No problem! Make some right in your kitchen.

Find it at the Savvy Sassy Moms


Wishing You Happiness for the New Year January 01, 2017

DIY Holiday Crafts that Kids and Adults Will Love December 06, 2016

Tis' the season to make and decorate! Christmas time is the perfect time to sit down with your children and make magic. Kids will love creating holiday decor that they can admire all season long. We have rounded up some really cute, easy ideas.



Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees








*The Perfect Gift* Non-Toxic Language Blocks November 18, 2016

Kids can absorb so much between the ages of 1-5. Many children are able to pick up a second language! Why not help them during playtime with these amazing, well-crafted blocks. These unique blocks are made in the USA and are made with non-toxic inks and sturdy Michigan basswood. Kids will love stacking them while working with you on the various embossed words and images. Choose from over seven different set! Just in time for the holidays.

Nursery Rhyme 28 Block Set

Braille ABC Blocks - 28pc. Set

Nautical Blocks

Spanish Blocks

Ukrainian Blocks

American Sign Language Blocks

Polish Blocks

DIY Holiday Wreaths November 10, 2016

Let the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating commence! We love this time of year. It's time to add those sweet holiday touches to your home that make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. When choosing a holiday wreath for your door, you may have some sticker shock. The wreaths that you find in the stores are beautiful but also a little pricey. Why not get the kids involved and make one? They will love helping and you will love saving some money! We have combed the internet to find easy to make wreaths that are sure to impress!

Photo by

We love this corn husk wreath! It can be used for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Check out the tutorial HERE.

Photo by

The kids will love helping make this wreath. It is easy to make and will bring a smile to anyones face. Find the tutorial HERE.

Photo by

This sweet wreath can also be used for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We love that you can change the yarn to match any look. Find the tutorial HERE.

Photo via

This adorable wreath would be a special keepsake. Check out the tutorial HERE.

Switch-a-Roo October 21, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we now carry the innovative clothing line, Switch-a-Roo! Switch-a-Roo is a children's applique clothing line that takes one outfit from holiday to everyday. They offer over 50 different patches that fit your childs mood! Getting dressed in the morning just became easier!!

 Check out how it works by viewing this video!

Are you excited about the many possibilities? Then shop our Switch-a-Roo girl outfits today!

Hot Pink Dot Set with Switchable Appliquéd Patches

Turquoise Dot Set with Switchable Appliquéd Patches

Family Halloween Costume Ideas October 14, 2016

BOO! Halloween is right around the corner which means it is time to start thinking about costumes! Dressing up the whole family is a great way to spend quality time together and show off your creativity. We have rounded up a few ideas that we think are clever and cute! 

Photo via Baby Birds Farm Blog

1. Rain Cloud and Rainbow
2. Fairy and Pixie Dust
3. Honey Bee and Flower
4. (Game of Throne fans) Mother of Dragons
You can read more about these creative costumes at the the Baby Birds Farm Blog.

Photo via A Beautiful Mess Blog

Peter Pan and His Lost Boys 
Tutorial on A Beautiful Mess Blog

Photo via Everyday Art

Cruella de Vil and baby dalmatians - Tutorial on Everyday Art Blog

Photo via Costume Works

Beehive and Beekeeper - Costume Works

Happy Halloween!!

Weekend Links / 08 October 07, 2016

Today is World Smile Day! It was created by commercial artist Harvey Ball to spread good will and cheer. Ball created the smiley face that you see above that became a symbol of happiness across the planet. He once said that the smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion. You can learn more about World Smile Day here. Be sure to smile at someone today! We know we will! :)

In honor World Smile Day we have rounded up the happiest links for your weekend. We hope you enjoy!

1. Get Your Kids Out of the Door Faster & Smoother

2. 6 Fun Halloween Activities for Toddlers

3. "Oh So Adorable" Shoes for Kids

4. Dr. Panda iPad Games that will Teach and Entertain

5. Good Read for Kids: Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth

6. Talking Politics with Kids

7. Adults Only: Red Wine Sangria Recipe

8. Super Festive Halloween Black Cat Romper

9. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Sweet Chili

10. 9 Easy-to-Make Halloween Costumes for Kids

Sweet Treat Stations that are Ready to Party September 27, 2016

Happy Fall everyone! Now that summer has come to an end, you may be thinking about throwing a fall party. We have rounded up some great party dessert station ideas that put a twist on your traditional sweet treat. These stations can be dressed up cute and give your guest a way to customize their experience. 

Autumn Apple Bar

Nothing says Autumn like delicious apples. We love how how there are so many different ways to create the perfect apple treat. Check out some of the flavor combos:

Apple S’more – Mini marshmallows, Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and caramel

Toffee Caramel Peanut – White chocolate, chopped peanuts, Skor toffee bits and caramel

Peanut Caramel – Dark chocolate, caramel and chopped peanuts (for a healthier option, skip the caramel) 

Coconut Chocolate – Dark chocolate and shredded coconut (healthy option)

Cheesecake – White chocolate, caramel, graham crackers and cinnamon brown sugar mix.

Apple Pie – White chocolate, caramel, cinnamon brown sugar mix 

You can find more on the Apple Bar at

No Bake Cheesecake Bar

We love this idea for the kiddos! The recipe is super simple and it looks delicious. Find the recipe and more tips at

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate season is upon us! Why not warm your guests with a warm, sweet treat? You can find more at

Are you throwing a fall party? If so, what ideas do you have? We would love to hear your ideas!

Toddler Activity: Nature Threading September 16, 2016

Fall weather is approaching which brings us closer to nature. The heat subsides and the cool wind blows in. The cooler temps open up a whole new world at play time. This toddler activity is perfect for an afternoon on the porch. Collect leaves and petals, sew them together and you have a beautiful necklace keepsake to wear! See the entire tutorial on the Munchkins and Moms blog. Photo credit: Munchkins and Moms

Back to School Lunch Ideas August 30, 2016

Summer is coming to a close and children are starting back to school. Most kids will tell you that lunch is their favorite part of the day so it is up to us to make it interesting and delicious! We have rounded up some great ideas that are sure to wow even the pickiest eaters and make their bellies happy.

We love this combo! The zuccini muffins are fun and healthy. You can find a recipe for them HERE. Photo via Vicky Barone

How adorable is this Koala PB&J!?
Photo via Bento-logy 

Cute Shel Silverstein inspired lunch
Photo via Bent on Better Lunches

Baked Ravioli Recipe!

Kids like their food bite size. These mini burritos are ingenious!
Photo via The Girl Who Ate Everything

What Every Nursery Needs August 13, 2016

Every new baby deserves a sweet nursery where he or she can feel comfy and cozy. That is why we have rounded up a little list of must-haves for every new, loving family.

1. Adorable elephant themed mobile.
2. Essential wooden crib.
3. Amazing animal prints.
4. The perfect lovey.
5. A sophisticated diaper bag.

A Shoe for Every Occasion August 04, 2016

We believe that our little Ootza Wootza fans need a shoe for every occasion. That is why we have rounded up these adorable Mini Melissa™ shoes available in our shop! 

Mini Melissa™ is a new line of shoes from Grendene™, manufacturing pioneers of design and development of high-end plastic footwear for more than 30 years.

Mini Melissa is the little sister brand of Melissa™. The company is making a huge impression in the shoe industry with a truly unique product and collaborations with Karl Lagerfield™, Jason Wu™, Vivienne Westwood™ and Jean Paul Gaultier™.

The Mini Melissa line is playful and practically irresistible. They are not only comfortable but durable too!

Shop our collections today! HAPPY SHOPPING HERE!

DIY Fairy House Ideas for Kids July 29, 2016


Fairy houses are whimsical habitats that are created in nature with nature. The purpose of a fairy house is to cultivate ones imagination and to encourage wonder and play. Children enjoy the experience of building the home and enjoy believing that fairies will find their new creation and live there. Building fairy houses encourages children (and adults) to connect with nature while nurturing their environment.

Natural materials are used to create fairy houses. Items like sticks, bark, moss, rocks, leaves, acorns, pine cones, shells and feathers can be used. When selecting items, it is encouraged to be respectful. Living plants should be avoided if possible. Plant nurseries sell sedum plants that work well tucked in little places.

You will need glue (hot glue is the best), scissors and twine to put the materials together. Find a quite place with minimal traffic to start building. The ground is best to protect the habitat from the weather. If you want to get ahead start on the house, Amazon has some for sale here

We have rounded up a collection of fairy house photos for inspiration. We can't wait to build one with our littles and you should too! It's the perfect summer activity.


Milk Carton Fairy House via STL Motherhood


Photos via Pinterest

Indoor Activities for the Kiddos to Beat the Heat July 18, 2016

This summer is proving to be a scorcher! While the pool is a great place to cool down, you may find that staying indoors is all that you have energy for. With that in mind, we have rounded up some fun activities that you can do with your tot from the comforts of your air conditioning. :)


DUCK RACE FINE MOTOR SENSORY PLAY via Fantastic Fun and Learning



MERMAID NECKLACES via Mama.Papa.Bubba.

There is also a great list over on the eHow website (think washing dishes, spa day and doll baths!)


The Land of the Free and of Adorable Children! July 04, 2016

Weekend Links / 07 June 10, 2016

Things are heating up around here and we couldn't be happier. Summer is around the corner! Things like trips to the pool, lounging on the beach (even if its for just 5 minutes) and long walks at dusk listening to the crickets and watching the lightning bugs make for great memories. We have added some great new bathing suit sets and summer dresses to the site so be sure to check them out! Here is our round-up of links for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

2. Fun Pool Floats
Go to the pool in style with these adorable (and crazy) pool floats!

3. Homemade Coconut Eye Cream
Coconut oil does wonders! Make your eyes stronger, healthier and more resilient with this cream.

4. Best movies of 2016 (so far) via Time
Zootopia looks fun!

5. Baby Hacks
Make taking care of an infant easier!

6. Organic Baby Wraps 
These adorable wraps are super versatile! Everything from keeping your baby warm to changing a diaper in the park. 

7. An Introvert's Guide to Parenting
We could all need a guide, right?

8. The Coolest Treehouse Bunk Bed Ever.

9. Mama Needs a Drink - Guava Ginger Cocktail

10. The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide


Summer Activities for the Whole Family June 03, 2016

We hope you all had a fantastic (and relaxing) Memorial Day. Kids are now out of school and summer is on its way! It is now our job to find activities to keep those little brains busy! We have rounded out some fun activities that will keep the whole family entertained. Have fun!

1. Toddler Treasure Chest

2. Ice Boat Racing for Toddlers

3. A Guide to Water Walls

4. Kid Car Wash

5. Watermelon Slushie

Weekend Links / 06 May 29, 2016

As we enjoy time with our families and friends this weekend, we can not forget about what Memorial Day is really all about. It is a day to remember the fallen heroes that fought for our freedom. All of us at Ootza Wootza are very grateful to all of our servicemen and women this holiday weekend. We have rounded up some links that we think you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!

1). A Memorial Day Reminder of the Nature of War

2). Beauty and the Beast Trailer
We are so excited to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie called Be Our Guest.

3). 5 Montessori-Inspired Activities for Elementary-Aged Kids

4). 3 Must-Try Recipes from the Forest Feast for Kids

5). Threenagers
3 year olds can be so challenging. Here is one bloggers take on how to put out the fire.

6). Summer Needs a New Swimsuit
We have added some new swimsuits to the store. Check them out!

7). 5 Words to Stop a Tantrum
We all need help in this arena.

8). Simple American Flag Craft
This is a great craft for toddlers this Memorial Day weekend especially if you are stuck indoors for Tropical Storm Bonnie!

9). Red, White and Blue Ice Cubes
(for all ages!) 

10). 25 Recipes You Need For an Unforgettable Memorial Day Party

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Sun Safety for Babies and Toddlers May 20, 2016

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching which means a trip to the beach! Sun safety is important for everyone but especially for babies and toddlers. Babies have very thin skin and any sun damage in the early years can impact them when they are adults (think skin cancer and wrinkles). We have rounded up some sun safety tips and products that we have found work well. 


Kiss My Face Kids Defense
We love the Kiss My Face brand for what's not in it and the companies approach to the environment.

  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • No Animal Ingredients or testing
  • No Chemical Propellants
  • No Oxybenzones
  • 100% Recyclable can

Eureka Solar Shade Cabana Large
A beach tent is a must have for babies under the age of 6 months because pediatricians recommend that you do not apply sunscreen to them. This is a great tent and it is easy to setup. 


Sunglasses with Fashion and Flair
The reflection of the sun on water can really do a number to young eyes. Protect them with 100% UVA protected sun wear. Ootza Wootza carries these exclusive and stylish Italian sunglasses that are 100% UVA protected and that are shatterproof!


i play. Unisex Baby Solid Flap Sun Protection Hat UPF 50+
Babies and toddlers don't usually have a lot of hair to cover their heads and ears. Wearing a UVA protected hat can solve that! We love this hat because it not only protects the top of their heads and ears but also their necks!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Links / 05 May 13, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our first Warehouse Sale. It was a great success! Since then, we have been stocking up on new arrivals and getting ready for Memorial Day! We have curated a few of our favorite pieces on our Memorial Day Memory page here. Whether you are planning a family party or going to the beach, we have an outfit for your little cutie! They will love being patriotic!

Here are a few links for your weekend. Enjoy!

1). Music May Help Babies Learn Better
This study looks at how rhythmic patterns in music could have an impact on rhythmic patterns in speech.

2). Delicious Vegetarian Cookbook

3). 10 Tips to a Greener Household
Good tips if you are staying home with the kiddos this summer.

4). How to Easily Cut a Watermelon into Cubes

5). Nine Things Successful People Do Right Before Bed
Who wouldn't want to be more successful? Here is a list of things to do!

6). Exploring Montessori Sensory Play with Babies
We love the Montessori method and love how this mom creates a sensory environment for her children using food!

7). The cutest shoes you will ever buy!
We promise. 

8). Coconut Whip Cream Recipe (Yum!)

9). DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit
Any child will love helping you put this together!

10). Watermelon & Cucumber Cooler
A little break for Mommy and Daddy. :)

RECIPE / Toddler Tostadas May 05, 2016

We know that dinner with toddlers can be... well, challenging. They are either running in the other direction or they won't eat what you just cooked for them. Fear no more! These tostadas or "mini Mexican pizzas" will win them over every time and they are super simple and quick to make. We made these for Cinco de Mayo but they are a staple. Here is how to make them:

Cook Time: 8 minutes Serving: 6
1 bag of corn tostados (we like the Olé brand)
1 bag of shredded Mexican cheese (thick cuts of cheese works best)
1 can of beans (you can use black beans, red beans, cannellini beans or refried)
Tomatoes (canned or freshly chopped) *We used canned tomatoes with cilantro and lime juice added. The Rotel brand has a mild spice but our daughter likes spicy things. You can use fresh tomatoes or a different mild kind of salsa.

1). Rinse your beans really well. This is an important step to ensure that you don't make the tostado soggy.

Top the tostado with one layer of beans.

3). Top the beans with the tomatoes. 

5). Top the beans and tomatoes with cheese.

6). Place the tostada in a toaster oven (fastest) or conventional oven on broil until cheese is completely melted. Keep an eye on the oven to make sure they don't burn. They take approx. 2-3 minutes.

Toddler Approved!

KIDS CRAFT / Coffee Filter Butterflies April 28, 2016

Are you looking for a quick and easy craft to do with your toddler or small child? Then look no further! These coffee filter butterflies are super simple and fun to make. 

What you will need:
- white coffee filters
- acrylic paint
- paint brush
- foil

How to make them:

1. Let your child paint the coffee filter as much as they want to. They don't have to be completely covered.

2. Next, fold the foil into a long rectangle.

3. Once the coffee filter is dry, gather up the middle with your fingers.

4. Wrap the folded foil around the middle of the coffee filter.

5. Twist the foil to make the antennas and shape for desired look.

That's it! Enjoy!

RECIPE / Cool Southwestern Salad with Corn and Avocado April 21, 2016

Photo by Con Poulos:

Spring has sprung and the word clean comes to mind. Phrases like spring cleaning, cleaning the pollen off of everything and eating clean. We tend to leave the winter months feeling a bit heavier than when we started them. Eating clean is a way to clear our bodies of over processed foods and refined sugars. Choosing whole foods ensures that our bodies stay healthy and provide us with the energy that we need to do all of that spring cleaning... 

We came across this delicious recipe on the Real Simple website and had to try it. This recipe is perfect for everyone. You get a fresh and airy taste from the corn and cilantro while feeling satisfied from the beans and avocado. We paired it with ceviche and it was divine. It's super easy to make too!

Here are the ingredients:

1 small head of romaine lettuce, cut into bite-size pieces (about 12 cups)

1 15.5-ounce can pinto beans, rinsed

1 cup corn kernels (cut from 1 to 2 ears)

2 ripe avocados, cut into 1-inch pieces

1/2 red onion, thinly sliced

1/2 cup fresh cilantro (chopped)

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

kosher salt and black pepper

1/2 9-ounce bag tortilla chips

Here are the instructions:

In a large bowl, mix the lettuce, beans, corn, avocado, cilantro and onion together. Then in a small bowl, mix the oil, lime juice, cumin, salt and pepper together. Drizzle the mixture in the small bowl over the ingredients in the large bowl. That's it! Serve with your favorite brand of tortilla chips. We recommend Mission Tortilla Strips. They are the perfect chip because they are thicker than most to hold your food.

We hope you enjoy!

Weekend Links / 04 April 15, 2016

There is a lot of excitement happening around the office this week. We are gearing up for our 1st Annual Warehouse Sale on April 27th and 28th! We will have top clothing brands and gear on sale for unbeatable prices. If you are in Charlotte, stop by and say hello! 

Here are our top 10 links for your weekend. Enjoy!

1. Snack Time!
Adorable kid snacks to please even the pickiest eater.

2. Sleep Sack Safety
We love sleep sacks! They are a safe alternative to blankets for you baby. Do you need one? Ootza Wootza carries the cutest! Shop HERE

3. Nature Sensory Bag and Sun-catcher
We love this sensory activity for kids of all ages.

4. DIY Sound Wall / Music Station
This sound wall is great for an an outdoor activity. Children love making music!

5. 16 Warm-Weather Movies To Ease You Out Of Hibernation

6. Feel Good Instagram Accounts
We love Instagram and these accounts are great!

7. MOMS / Dealing with Stretch Marks 
Most women have them. Here is how to deal with them. 

8. Amazing Hairbands for Girls of all Ages.
Ootza Wootza has you covered!

9. 6 Montessori Activities for Toddlers
Children gravitate towards adult activities over their own "toy" play. These activities are simple for any parent that needs a little time to make dinner. ;)

10. Pack 'n Potty, Safe & Sanitary Seat
Traveling this summer? Be sure to carry this toilet cover seat for any pitstop on your journey.

Bouquet Flowers & Herbs to Plant for Spring April 01, 2016

Do you feel like buying a bouquet of flowers every time you visit the grocery store? We do! Which made us think about our post for today. Why not plant beautiful flowers in your garden and make your own? You will not only save money but you will be surrounded by beauty every time you step outside. Plus, children love to help in the garden. Invite them help pick the flowers, cut them and arrange them! They will be reminded of the time you both spent together and how they helped. :)

We have rounded up "bouquet worthy" flowers and herbs that will be sure to please the eye all summer. April is a great time to sow a garden!



Happy Gardening!

The Art of Smocking March 25, 2016

It's no secret. We here at Ootza Wootza love a beautifully made smocked outfit. The art of smocking has been around for centuries. It was used most extensively in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Smocking is a needlework technique consisting of surface embroidery stitches worked over gathered fabric. Smocking was created to provide elasticity in the neckline where buttons were undesirable.

We carry top of the line smocked outfits for every occasion!

SHOP NOW for the perfect Spring Outfit! GIRLS    /    BOYS

Weekend Links / 03 March 18, 2016

Spring is in the air and we couldn't be more excited! This time of year brings renewal and more time with our families outdoors. Indoors, we have been busy stocking our new Spring arrivals. When you have time, check them out! Enjoy our weekend links too. Happy Weekend!

1. 50 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

2. Building Your Childs Self Esteem
Our children have many physical needs but they also need to be nurtured mentally.

3. Adorable Spring Shoes for Girls
We carry Mini Melissa shoes now!

4. 17 Incredible Family Travel Tips
Spring Break is upon us which means road trip! Check out these great travel tips to help the ride go smoothly.

5. Baby Shower for Dads
Some dads can feel left out when it comes to celebrating their babies new arrival until now! Baby showers for dads are on the rise. 

6. 12 Beautifying Foods to Eat Now
When you are a mom it is hard to think about your self sometimes. This list of foods will take care of you when you don't have time to do it yourself.

7. Mashed Potato Bites for the Kids
Here is a cute and quick way to serve mash potatoes to your tikes.

8. Great things for SALE!
Ootza Wootza has a great selection of sale items. We even have Spring/Summer items!

9. Mommy and me Date Ideas
A little one-on-one time with your children can go along way. Get inspired here.

10. Adults Only: Spring Sparkling Drink Ideas
Warm weather makes us want to get together! Serve one of these yummy cocktails at your next gathering. 

A Childs Treasured Friend, Handmade Artisan Chenille Bunnies March 15, 2016

A child can become attached to a lovey very quickly at any age. The way it feels to their touch creates a comfort like no other. This comfort can stop tantrums and tears. Ootza Wootza carries these adorable soft chenille bunnies that would be the perfect friend for any child. The French technique of weaving fabric creates a texture that little fingers just can't resist.

These sweet bunnies would make a perfect addition to any Easter basket or as a baby shower gift.

Give the gift of love HERE.

Two Words That Can Strike Fear in Any Parent February 18, 2016

POTTY TRAINING. It's a tough, messy job for all concerned. I know, we are in the midst of potty training our youngest daughter. Can't complain, she is a more than a willing participant. She loves to announce everywhere and anywhere that she has to go potty, especially when the only choice is a public restroom. What is it in there that is so intriging to a toddler? It only strikes fear in me, a feeling I share with many parents. It's a nightmare to navigate a public restroom with a little one! That's why we were so excited to find a new product by Tottigo called the Pack 'n Potty. Seriously, the best idea since sliced bread! And no wonder, it was conceived out of necessity by a North Carolina mom who found taking her young son to the restroom a worrisome task.  

With the Pack 'n Potty, you can completely cover all areas of the toilet within the reach of your child. And when the job is done, it is easily packed up without touching anything that has come in contact with the pot!  Simply amazing. Cleverly converts to a stylish backpack that can even be monogramed.  Easy to clean. I keep mine in my car ready and waiting. Tottigo's Pack 'n Potty makes potty time away from home an easy task. And I'm all for that!

Weekend Links / 02 February 12, 2016

We have been working hard on adding some cute new arrivals to the shop this week. Be sure to check them out! Here are this weeks weekend links for your enjoyment. Have a great one!

1. Janet Lansbury - When Children Prefer One Parent
This is a great article for anyone with a toddler that may be favoring one parent and not being nice to the other.

2. 15 Montessori Toddler Shelf Themes
Montessori is a great learning philosophy that any parent can integrate into their home. These shelf themes can keep a toddlers a bedroom or playroom exciting and educational.

3. Endless Alphabet App
If your tot is into playing iPad games then this one is great! The animations are super cute and the lessons are very interactive.

4. Amp Up Your Avocado Toast
Your avocado toast will never be the same after you try these simple recipes!

5. 20 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas
Create the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast for your loved ones with these ideas.

6. 5-Ingredient Winter Salads
Every New Year resolution includes healthy eating, right? Start here!

7. How To Layer Your Skincare
Let's face it, skincare can be so confusing! Read this article (with pictures) to learn how to properly layer your skincare for the best results.

8. Toddler Meals Idea - Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bites

9. Adorable Girl Dresses for Spring
Easter comes early this year! Don't fret, we have you covered.

10. Top 5 Teething Tip for Baby
Teething isn't fun for anyone involved (we know!). These tips should get everyone back to having a good time in no time.

KIDS CRAFT / Valentine's Day Stamp February 09, 2016

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we couldn't help but think of crafts for our little ones. We love this easy to make heart stamp. All you need is a toilet paper roll, tape, red paint and paper. You can add a little heart to a Valentine's Day card or create a masterpiece worthy of any fridge or wall. image via Pinterest

Weekend Links / 01 January 29, 2016

ootza wootza quotesWe are inspired by things every day. The internet has opened all new doors for exploring what this world has to offer. Each week, we will share some cool and interesting things that you can check out over your nice, relaxing weekend. Enjoy!

1. The Animal Print Shop
We just love these adorable baby animal prints! Perfect for any nursery or children's room.

2. Custom Labels and Stamps
If you are looking for an easy way to put your logo on your business stationary then check out this company.

3. Pouring Station Activity
We love this simple toddler activity that will keep them amazed for hours!

4. Propagating Succulents
With Spring around the corner we can't help but look forward to planting our gardens. But in the meantime, you can propagate succulents from inside your home. Learn how!

5. Recipe: Cauliflower Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Baby, it's cold outside - so why not warm up to this delicious soup?

6. Ballet Beautiful Workout
It's hard to get to the gym when you have kids. These DVDs are great because you can watch them at home, get the kids involved and sculpt your body in the process!

7. A List of Coffee Table Magazines
There are more magazines out there than U.S. Weekly and Vogue. Check out some new ones.

8. Sewing Inspiration
As you know, we LOVE smocking! So naturally we love this sewing blog.

9. Janet Lansbury
Toddler sleep problems? Tantrums out of control? Then read Janet's website posts. They will enlighten any parent (and hopefully help!).

10. Playroom Must-Haves
Let's face it, moms and dads might not know what makes for the perfect playroom. Fear not! This link will educate you on the must-haves. Have fun!

The Perfect Baby Shower Ideas January 26, 2016

ootza wootza blog It is a new year which means that there will be new babies born. Where there is new life there is a baby shower! Don't stress about what to give your mommy-to-be. We have rounded up our top 6 baby shower gifts that will be sure to wow any new mom (or any seasoned one).

1. AppeTeethers, Safe, Soothing and Down Right Fun
BPA, PVC, LEAD & PHTHALATE FREE.  So cute and so much fun for all teething little ones.

2. Manifest Weekender, Carry All Tote
All aboard! Our vintage-inspired Manifest Weekender keeps everything you need close at hand, while completing your timeless look. Each bag features a protective iPad Pocket, cushioned changing pad and matching stroller straps, side zippers for expandable access, handy key hook and 8 pockets. Made of durable cotton canvas with vegan leather trim.

3. Chic Diaper Clutch for Moms on the GO
This clutch was designed by moms with moms in mind. Detailed attention has been given to the style, function and durability of this bag. Completely wipeable. Completely cool!

4. Pack 'n Potty, Safe & Sanitary Seat
Designed for use in public restrooms, this fashionable tote transforms into a potty seat with an attached sanitary toilet seat cover in seconds. Pack 'n Potty™ is complete with a wet/dry storage pocket, made of antimicrobial and waterproof material, is machine washable and can be monogrammed. This all-inclusive travel potty seat quickly converts back into tote mode and travels everywhere! 

5. Infant Sleep Nest with Shoulder Snaps
A Sleep nest that eliminates the need for cumbersome blankets. Blankets can get tangled up or end up in the corner of the crib. No worries about that with a sleep nest. Baby stays comfy, cozy and warm snuggled in the nest.

6. Take Along Pals
Certified Organic Cotton, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalate-free.

Welcome to Ootza Wootza! November 20, 2015

Welcome to Ootza Wootza, Charlotte's premier online children's boutique!  Enjoy shopping our classic styles online from the comfort of you home.  You'll be sure to find what you're looking for within our stunning collection.  It is our passion to select timeless styles from our wide variety of boutique lines  ranging in sizes newborn (NB) to 4T for boys and NB to 6x for girls.  We carry the latest styles from lines such as CachCach, Funtasia Too, Max & Dora and Banana Splits to name a few.  Due to our passion for small businesses and local artistians, we also offer a variety of one-of-a-kind handmade items for you gift giving needs.  At Ootza Wootza, customer satisfaction is always a priority.  Feel free to drop us an email at  We will be glad to answer your questions, concerns or just lend a hand to pick out just the right outfit for your little dears.   Thank you for shopping with us at Ootza Wootza!